Two Methods Of Getting Biodiesel From A Biodiesel Processor

There are many ways in which biodiesel can be produced in a biodiesel processor. We are listing two of the most commonly used methods. These production methods are:

Batch Process

A catalyst is dissolved in the alcohol used by using a standard agitator. This mix of alcohol and catalyst is then charged in an enclosed vessel and the waste vegetable oil or other used oil is added to it. Care has to be taken that the container in which the conversion is occurring is completely compact and closed as otherwise alcohol may evaporate and escape from the container leaving behind an unsuccessful experiment. Now the temperature of the experiment has to be maintained. Make sure that the temperature is just above boiling point of the alcohol which is used.

This is done so that the conversion reaction can be speedened up considerably. However if the conversion is being done for domestic uses and the apparatus is place in your house then make sure that the temperature does not rise beyond fifty five degree Celsius. This is done as a safety precaution so that accidents donot occur that may lead to regret and disasters. The reaction time can vary from about one hour to that of eight hours and excess of alcohol should be used so that all of the vegetable oil used for conversion is effectively converted leaving no left out or residue.

biodiesel production

This reaction will lead to the formation of the biodiesel and glycerine. The glycerine being heavier will stay at the bottom of the reactor and has to be taken out first or separated with the help of a centrifuge. Either way the biodiesel processor will have to be opened to get the materials out. The biodiesel which has been got out from the biodiesel processor is now washed lightly with the help of warm water, dried consecutively and then stored for immediate or future usage.

Supercritical Process

This is a procedure that doesnot use a catalyst in the biodiesel processor for the production of biodiesel. In this method we only use a supercritical methanol at very high temperatures and high pressure as well as keeping the process of this temperature and pressure constant. In this method, the oil and the methanol are in one phase and reaction takes place in all spontaneity and rapidity. This biodiesel processor method uses high pressure and temperature but the cost of production of the biodiesel is more or less same as that of the earlier process.