BioDiesel Processors: An Overview

Environmental campaigns are increasing day by day on television channels and newspapers. Not only the campaigns but, pollution is also on a rapid rise. The carbon and other poisonous gases have mixed up with the air that we inhale. The planet is becoming less better place to live.

Let us start contributing something or other to save this earth. Let us stop using fuel which pollutes the environment. Let us switch on to biodiesel. This will at least stop further pollution of the environment.

The big question arises about the availability of biodiesel. Why not make it? Big question and also seems like fooling up. But NO. Here is a processor that will help you make biodiesel by your own…that too automatically.

What is a biodiesel processor?

A biodiesel processor is a set of apparatus that produces biodiesel from any overused or unused oil matter like left over cooking oil or used petroleum oil. As such there are various kinds of processors available which can be put to use to produce biodiesel. A fuelmeister biodiesel processor is one processor of this kind that will help you in production of biodiesel at your home or if you want, for commercial purposes. However, this biodiesel processor is more of a home use processor rather than a large scale producer.

biodiesel processor

There is an automated portable processor that will make biodiesel with vegetable oil, especially the waste vegetable oil.

An automated biodiesel processor is a like dream come true for us. This processor offers an extremely good deal that tempt anybody. It has an in-built blender, heater and filter. You only need to pour the oil, alcohol and lye (catalyst) at the ratio indicated in the manual and simply push the ON button. The rest will be done by the processor automatically. It is much like a washing machine.
Some of these automated biodiesel processors are also available with an in-built washer so that the oil is washes after separating it from the glycerin and dries it out completely. You only need to drain out the glycerin, which can again be used for some other purpose. Some portable processors also come with a nozzle to help you of easy fueling your car.

It’s a real luxury to have such a processor where you can make biodiesel anytime and anywhere by just only a push of a button. Moreover, the biodiesel that you are producing will only cost you less than $1 per liter. Isn’t that really great.